The Ethics Gradient is a chronicle of our role playing group’s campaign progress. If you feel out of the loop, a role playing campaign is an ongoing story line, created by a group of players, cooperatively shaping the world and the events in it. The classical set up of a role playing group is a few players who play character roles, and a storyteller in charge of guiding and maintaining the story line. Think of it as cooperative script writing for a movie, except that we sit together at a table and tell each other about what is happening, instead of filming it.

In order to keep an entertaining record of our group’s campaign progress, I decided to chronicle the play sessions and make my best attempt at dramatizing it. The goal is to shape the events of each session as they played out on the tabletop, into something readable and entertaining.

Each campaign gets its category link in the main menu. Elysium! is our first and current campaign.

Meta stands for notes and blog entries that are not part of the chronicled story line.

And lastly, Shorts stands for short stories. Plots and little one-offs that I wrote for fun, unrelated to any role playing campaign.